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John Doran Robert Doran Sr. Dan Doran Ace Doran Hauling & Rigging  Spans Decades By Larry Hurrle | Editor Change is inevitable. Just ask Dan Doran. He and his family have seen numerous changes in the transportation industry over the past 100 years. Doran, president of Ace Doran Hauling & Rigging Company in Cincinnati, Ohio, is the third generation in the Doran family to be involved in the transportation industry, dating back to 1913. Then, his eldest uncle on his father’s side, started Doran Transfer and Rigging, which also included Doran’s grandfather, John Doran, who worked as a contractor around the turn of the 20th century. Doran’s father, Robert Doran Sr., worked with his brothers early-on, then started Ace Doran Hauling & Rigging in 1941 and the business has been going strong ever since. Dan Doran, 53, attributes the ability to stay strong in an ever- changing industry to one thing: family. Aside from the nearly 200 owner/operators who work as independent contractors for the company, Ace Doran has seven different terminals with between 50 and 60 commissioned agents that represent the company. He also employs 51 people, of which nearly 12 percent are direct members of the Doran family. Ace Doran has authority in all 48 contiguous U.S. states and in Canada. Yet, Doran says, all his employees are family. “We’re small enough that we know our employees and we know who works here,” Doran says. “We take care of our employees and 20 IT Internet Truckstop Magazine May/June 2013 we want them to stay. It is more of a family than it is a business and that’s good and bad.” Because Ace Doran is one big family, Doran says it can be difficult dealing with the family issues while running a business. “Any family business will tell you that you have to separate family issues from business issues,” he says. “That’s tough sometimes. It’s a day to day struggle — not just for us but for anybody in a family business. There are some business issues you have to face on a Sunday, at a family gathering. It’s not an easy thing to do.” Besides Doran, his son, brother, sister and cousin also work for Ace Doran. The family makeup of the business, he said, has been the driving factor in keeping that business successful. Doran’s 29-year-old son has been very active in several different departments of the company and just last year received his commercial driver’s license. While Doran wouldn’t say the business is headed for a fourth generation, he did say his son has been very active in the company. “He’s very interested in the business,” Doran says. “He has a pretty wide base of experience.”